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Paradise Camp Fire Impact Areas Receive Flash Flood Watch Warning

Paradise Camp Fire Impact Areas Receive Flash Flood Watch Warning

Paradise Camp Fire Impact Areas Receive Flash Flood Watch Warning - The National Weather Service issues a Flash Flood Watch for the Butte County areas in Norcal impacted by Northern California Camp Fire. The warning issues for 10:00 PM Wednesday, November 28th through 10:00AM Thursday, November 29, 2018.

Paradise, California has a 100% chance of precipitation tonight and a 90% chance tomorrow morning, according to weather.com. Rainfall predicted at possibly over one inch with localized flooding in recent burn areas is expected.  The rule of thumb is that a half inch of rainfall in less than an hour is sufficient to cause Flash Flooding in a burn area, but this can be more or less depending on the extent of burn and the steepness of the terrain.  In addition to rainfall, the area of Paradise will reach a low temperature of 39 degrees with a high at or below 48 degrees.

How Flash Floods Are Dangerous in Butte County, California Camp Fire

Flash flooding caused by rainfall can be extremely dangerous and life threatening. A flash flood is a rapid type of flooding that occurs in areas recently burned by wildfires. When vegetation is burned in a wildfire, root systems are weakened and cause soil instability in steep areas. Furthermore, when heavy rain hits, burned soil repels water like pavement, meaning flash floods can occur with less rainfall than usual. In addition, debris flows in the floods when water runs downhill picking up large amounts of ash, silt, rocks, sand and burned vegetation.

Those who are currently located in impact areas or downstream from impact areas should exercise extreme caution. An evacuation plan should be executed to escape to higher ground and away from soil instability. Being prepared prior to receiving a Flash Flood Warning for the NorCal Wildfires is extremely important because of how quickly the threat of flood presents. Once the heavy rain hits, a flash flood can leave only a short period of time to escape.

Paradise Camp Fire Impact Areas Receive Flash Flood Watch Warning

Paradise Camp Fire Flash Flood Lawyers

Paradise Camp Fire Lawyers

Paradise Camp Fire Lawyers

Have you suffered a serious burn injury or death in your family due to the Paradise Camp Fire Flash Flood disaster? Napolin Law APC represents those catastrophically injured throughout California. We will help you present your claims and fight for compensation for:

  • Wrongful death (dependent parent, father, mother, child, son, daughter, grandparent, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, cousin)
  • Bodily injury (burns, cuts, broken bones, respiratory damages)

Do you own a home or a business and have lost property or have experienced lost income due to the fires? Napolin Law APC is here to discuss your rights and legal claims for recovery. Mr. Napolin does not charge of his consultations and should you elect to retain his firm to represent you, he will do so under a contingent fee arrangement, meaning you would not pay any attorney’s fees, court costs, or litigation expenses out of pocket.  Instead, our fees and costs would be recovered only as a portion of any favorable settlement or judgment on your behalf.

  • Loss of a home and/or adjacent structure (house, garage, yard structures)
  • Loss of personal property (furniture, electronics, personal possessions, art)
  • Loss of a business structure (commercial and industrial real estate)
  • Loss of agricultural property and products (farms, farmland)
  • Loss of business or agricultural income (inventory, cash on hand, accounts receivable)
  • Loss of trees or surrounding vegetation/agriculture (yard, backyard, front yard)

Call 844-984-4878 if you need help and would like to speak with a Paradise Camp Fire Flash Flood Lawyers.

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